Inspecting the underside of a work pontoon using an ARIS 3000, the rotation allows real time inspection, post processing creates a detailed mosaic of the image.


mosaic image data

Real time ARIS footage allows for comprehensive onsite imaging of structures and underwater objects in any field of industry. Further processing provides the acquisition of mosaic images formed from multiple sonar frames. These mosaics allow for detailed overview of structures and objects in the high definition images that Sound Metrics Imaging Sonar's can provide. Demonstration footage from sites across Europe, anywhere where turbid water interferes with operations then please contact us.

Reeds Sonar Consultancy LTD


specialising in sound metrics imaging sonars.


Following the track of a 60cm wide trench on the bed using an ARIS 3000 at 1.8 MHz.

Mosaic data processing is provided by the Girona Underwater Vision and Robotics team at the USD in Spain. This service offers best practice collection solutions, data assessment and provision of high quality, high definition sonar mosaic images.