Reeds Sonar Consultancy specialises in technical onsite demonstrations of Sound Metrics Imaging Sonars throughout the UK and Europe.

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specialising in sound metrics imaging sonars.

Both ARIS and DIDSON software allow for manipulation of the image to maximise the detail users see to get the images they need. Incremental changes in frame rate, start and end range, signal intensity, colour palette, image orientation and recording parameters are some of the available options.

Specialist fisheries processing software allows for fish to be located, measured and counted in large data sets, allowing for long data capture periods to cover key migration periods.

Sound Metrics Sonars are used wherever clarity in turbid water is needed. From inspecting oil pipelines in the North Sea to counting migrating salmon in Alaska, the equipment can deliver live high resolution video images with no lag time for processing.

High sediment load and darkness do not affect performance, the ability to pan, tilt and roll the equipment using system integrated rotators allow for target perspectives to be gained in detail not seen before. Data can be collected and stored for future analysis using user friendly software. 

Find out how Sound Metrics Imaging Sonars can help you see in places where others can't.